Contact the club: Penny Rogers cashelrogers(at) or Teresa Gustafson (soft talk editor) at tgdesign{at}

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  1. I was seeing on your website that you have a picnic coming up in September at Blue Mountain Park. Do you have to own a wheaton to attend the picnic. We are looking into getting a dog in the new year and the soft coated wheaton is one of the top breeds we are thinking of. Would we be able to attend the event to find out more about the wheatons.


    1. Please do! A great event to meet and learn about wheatens :) You will be able to see a good representation of the breed and meet a number of our local breeders all in one place.

      1. That is fantastic, really hoping we are able to make it as we are really looking forward to learning more about the soft coated wheatons.

  2. We are looking forward to coming to the picnic on Saturday to meet the dogs and some breeders. I was getting an error message when trying to respond on the evite so decided to RSVP on your website.

  3. Thank you very much for letting our family come to the picnic on Saturday. We really loved meeting the dogs and talking to the owners and breeders. Hopefully next picnic we will have our own wheaten that we can bring to the picnic.
    Thanks Again

    1. It was nice to meet you and your family. I (Teresa) Had such a short time to talk but hope you managed to connect with the other folks! Hope to see you next year dog in tow :) The club is growing and we are holding more and more events. Also, you may want to check out our facebook page. We currently post under Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Vancouver and will soon have our own SCWTAC-BC FB site as well.

      1. Thank you Theresa, you were a busy lady that day. We had left early and missed the costume contest because we were picking up two of my sons buddies. We should have just picked them up and came back they would have gotten a blast out of the dogs all dressed up. Cute photos. One of the breeders had given my husband his card. My husband was a little stressed with the high energy and the price of the dogs. I explained to him that it is hard to judge their energy when there is 20 + dogs in a small area and I was researching and already knew what the price was. Thanks Again

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