Please go to the national wheaten site scwtac.com and refer to the list of recommended breeders. Even if the breeder you contact may not have puppies at that time they are often aware of other litters that may be planned or puppies that are available. Be prepared to fill out a prospective owner form and be placed on a waiting list. The wait will be worth it. A pedigree provides a window to health, temperament and conformation for generations.Buying from a reputable breeder gives you a support net for your dogs entire life. Breeders are experienced dog people and can provide guidance on food, health and training issues specific to wheatens. You will also be required to sign a non-breeding contract for wheatens intended as pets.

We can not stress enough that buying from a pet store allows puppymills to continue. Back yard breeders do not have dogs that were proven in the show ring and acknowleged by multiple judges as sound breeding stock, they may  lack knowledge of breeding guidelines and most likely will not do the proper health testing. Also beware of, and avoid commercial large scale operations, they can put on a good front but if you do any research you will find out they treat their dogs like a commodity and their puppies often have socialization issues.  If you can’t visit your pup and see the parents that is a red flag.  If you are looking at purchasing a purebred through any of these undesirable sources please reconsider.

We know you will love your wheaten because they are such great dogs — protect your heart (and your pocket book) by giving the addition of a new family member due care and research.

If you are open to the idea of an older wheaten another option is rescuing. Please check out  Wheatens in Need.



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